Hello Earth Humanz!!!

Hello! Hola! Aloha! Bonjour! Gutentag! Konichiwa!EArth HUmanz!!!

May I respectfully suggest, {at least to other reasonable persons here now and in the future}, suggest to those who are now reading the words I’ve hence forth committed to these electronic pages before me, in these moments,  my now, tonight. . .that there is a very true adage that reads something like, “Everything happens for a reason.”

Should you be among those Earth Humanz who know this adage to be truthful and factual, then these pages have been written specifically for you and all written by me for you, in order that you may find yourself in the future reading the words which I’ve written here now, and in the past because there is a larger, well defined, specifically outlined, very good and dare-I-say even perhaps, divine reason we are together now sharing this same thought in this very moment in this very time???

Just bookmark that thought in the back of your mind. Think about it, when you are thinking of nothing else. Because in this universe we are now sharing experiences in, there are no absolutely right nor absolutely wrong answers, only choices. There are choices for answers, better more correct answers and best most correct answers.

It’s always my goal to be guided through study of facts and known knowledge to determine the best most correct answers for myself and for those who may seek and ask of me the very same.

Earth Humanz proficient with their deductive reasoning skills may have already used their God given powers of logic and reason to deduce that because I greeted you as “Earth Humanz,” I must most likely be aware of Humanz that are NOT of planet Earth. If you were among them, you are correct!!!

However, my work here is not about educating others towards the realities and facts about non-Earth Humans, nor non-Human sentient thinking intelligent advanced beings…although I very well could.

This website and the counseling I offer that is associated with this site, are both dedicated to helping Earth Humanz  better understand themselves first and foremost. Perhaps in the future someday, I may begin counseling and educating Earth Humanz to the factual realities of their extra-terrestrial and inner-terrestrial Human and non-Human brothers, sisters and cousins.

For now, here and now – let us concentrate together on the past.

The recorded, documented, factual and known past.

For if you don’t know where you’ve been, how can you know where you are, or let alone where you may be going???

Another appropriate adage for this work is, “Those who remain unaware of their true history, are bound to repeat it!”

All very true statements.

Unfortunately, here in “modern times” most Earth Humanz have been intentionally blinded and controlled, and by design and for many thousands of years now, to believe in artificial realities that have no basis in facts. . .such mind control mechanisms are all around us, everywhere we look. We can see them, we can touch them, we can pray to them, we can vote for them, we’ve become them.

Another analogy that has more reality packed into it than fiction, is the “sci-fi” character called “Neo” in the popular movie, “The Matrix.”

The “matrix” is all around you, every where you look, every where you go.

So much so, that has become so “bad” nowadays, that many if not most all of the average Earth Human populations alive today will reflexively, and without a second thought or question in their mind, arrogantly and confidently proceed to mock and ridicule such persons as you and I.

These persons will mock and ridicule us reflexively, without fore thought, any thought and regardless of how many university degrees we may have earned here, or how many books we’ve read, how many hidden scrolls, regardless of how many continents, countries and peoples we’ve had the good fortune to visit, regardless of how many content and satisfied persons we’ve counseled, and regardless of the pedigree or positions of wealth and power those same persons who have in the past sought and today continue to seek our wise counsel, those former and present “clients” of ours,  may have had or have.

Do not allow yourselves to be discouraged or distracted by our detractors, our haters; if you must waste precious Earth Human emotions on such persons, “pity” is the most appropriate choice. Fortunately, my work here, your work here, our work together here is a collective and interactive process. Our work here is not for those without the eyes to see, or the ears to hear. Unfortunately, unfortunately only for such closed minded persons, they are content to wallow in their ignorance. These persons will be content with their ignorance their entire, dreary and unfulfilled lifetimes, just as long as there are re-runs of “Sienfeld” or a sports match of some sort or the other is available to keep their mind from asking itself any deeper questions than, “What’s on tonight?”

Of course, when these persons take actions with words and thoughts that are maliciously directed towards persons like you and me – because we do have Human emotions and egos and have been conditioned to value the personal opinions of others about ourselves – we become hurt when such persons seek to attack and demean us. When this occurs, simply remind yourself (as I still must do and almost daily too), such persons are no more nor less than “victims” who will never escape the prisons of their mind…because such persons do not use their minds, not even enough to realize they are imprisoned, they are “victims,” and by refusing to even ever once entertain a new thought that hasn’t been pre-approved by their masters, overlords, the archons; those feeble minded persons then become de facto and unwitting victims of themselves. They become the prison wardens’ very best guards. Not only just the wardens’ very best prison guards, but prison guards who will work without pay, for free, the rest of the prisoner’s natural life time here.

With that now being said, only because it had to be said just in order to simply provide both of us a better context with which to begin our dialogue and a foundation for our conversations together towards greater understandings, facilitated and only made possible by those scientists who have come before us and those special guardians of knowledge who have worked diligently, and historically speaking – often at great risk to their own lives, in order to protect and transfer this knowledge effectively, so that at least some small parts of these sciences have survived on this planet yet to this very day.

If you are ready, or perhaps I should rather better say, “when you are ready,” to continue on your journeys of self discovery and self actualization; I will encourage you to read through the rest of the contents I’ve outlined one this particular website.

EVERYTHING I OFFER here, I OFFER FREELY to those who seek it. Natal charts, personalized horoscopes, palm reading, sexual identity crisis counseling, even the live personal and private Skype consults I provide, I offer all free of any charge. Of course, I encourage and gladly accept any donations an individual may feel any educational services and counsel I provide may be worth to them at that time or in their futures.

This website really only serves to provide such interested persons (like yourself) an easily accessible, educational and hopefully somewhat entertaining and engaging educational resource. It is my primary intention, my Magnus Opus per se, in order to spark renewed inquisitiveness in the hearts and minds of Earth Humanz, and to do so with enough Earth Humanz that the knowledge and science I have learned and share with others like you, will be shared again, until it ignites a fire that will burn into a Renaissance of revival for these lost, obscured and hidden sciences, these “lost” arts.

I find educating others as challenging as I do rewarding and I’ve learned to best teach others using metaphor and analogy, especially with this particular vast, diverse and rich body of science.

For example, If you were on vacation in Hollywood, this simplistic website could be considered like a map to the homes of your favorite Hollywood movie stars and in such an analogy, I would be considered  your tour guide.

Because most persons while vacationing in new places naturally want to and naturally must trust their tour guides while vacationing in new places, regardless where or what type of tour, I will be using these pages to help explain more about myself, my background, life experiences, formal education, as best as may be possible and/or necessary.  My life is an open book, I welcome any interested person to read. Sometimes, you may even find me reading my book out loud whether anybody is listening or not. Though, and as you will also learn as we proceed in our studies together, there is always somebody listening!

When you are ready to begin. . .