Earth’s star has a 1st name, it’s S-O-L

A little known fact is that the star which our planet Earth orbits also has its very own name. The star commonly known as the Sun is properly named, “SOL”; ergo we call this area of space within our Milkyway galaxy the “SOLar System.”

The video below shows a few of the very ancient and universal glyphs for SOL’s orbiting planetary bodies and/or astrological symbols for the SOLar System‘s major planets; including a few basic scientific factoids about the major planets which are commonly known to orbit Earth’s SOL.


Relatively recently, one of the planets known to orbit SOL was re-classified to become excluded from the list of SOL’s other orbiting planets. What is the proper name of that ‘former planet’ and why was it reclassified to no longer be considered among the proper planets orbiting SOL?

QUESTION #2 {True / False} :

Although the ‘former planet’ in question recently lost its official planetary status among scientists within the field of astronomy, most all scientists practicing the science of astrology still consider it to be a true and proper planet.


QUESTION #3 {Multiple Choice}:

Although it may presently be considered by most Earth Humans on planet Earth, as a relatively recent, modern day scientific discovery within the past 100 years, the ‘former planet’ in question appears in ancient star charts and is also engraved on ancient temples and observatories, demonstrating that this ‘former planet’s’ existence was well known in the ancient world. In what year and by whom was this ‘former planet’ discovered by modern day science?