Floods got Lil’ People in the ‘Little Apple’ in big Big BIG TROUBLE


VIDEO: Displaced Manhattan flood victim, Ernest Johnson.

Floods got Lil’ People in the ‘Little Apple’ in big Big BIG TROUBLE

MANHATTAN – Hundreds of people became almost instantly homeless and suffered major personal property loss when heavy rains collected Monday in known flood plains. Corporate for profit residential rental units built there once again went under water, displacing every person and family in the area.

With more rains in the forecast as a tropical storm from the Gulf of Mexico slams into southeastern continental United States, Inc.

KATSCRATH.co FREE  HiFi-WiFi™ GLOBAL Community RADIO owner/operator, Joel Bales, submitted an urgent letter Monday night to Kansas Governor Coyler, US Congressman Jerry Moran, the Riley County Commission, Manhattan City Manager and a litany of other government, NGOs and Human and social service agencies to request and encourage all of their offices and employees to work together in cooperation to immediately and efficiently initiate both a state and federal natural disaster and emergency response procedures.

Bales urged Governor Coyler to declare both a “state of disaster” and state of emergency” to facilitate the federal government to immediately provide affected Manhattan residents federal emergency services and resources; Bales encouraged local, state and federal relief agencies to immediately release appropriated emergency funds reserved for such disasters to both protect residential infrastructure assets and to help alleviate this developing veritable Humanitarian Crisis.

Declaring a “state of emergency” by a governor or president facilitates the state government to act immediately to an emergency and to release appropriated emergency funds instantly. Such declarations are a formality to more efficiently help relieve the continuing and growing Humanitarian crisis occurring now in the “Little Apple.”

Bales requested that local public, state and federal government agencies; including semi-private NGOs improve inter-agency communication for better cooperation in order to launch a more proactive effective and egalitarian emergency response that will better serve to assist flood victims who are working to survive the disaster.

“A new era of homelessness began today,” Bales said. “Let’s pray, cooperate and act with common purpose together to help ensure the current crisis is as short of an era as possible.”

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