About iT

Among peerz iT is affectionately known as, “Dr. iT,” a.k.a. “The WIZARD of iT.”

this rather accomplished scientific, artistic and eccentric indivual, )o+>, being born under the Sol of Taurus at 19 degrees with his feminine moon energies vibrating 07 degrees in Gemini; is a scientific, analytic and specific person legally known as, Joel Peter Bales, son of Roger & Judy Bales of Kansas.

This scientist, )o+>,  is  also presently, formerly and will forever more in all future timelines formally be known as,  )o+>

)o+> is also known as “iT,” aka “Dr. iT,” aka “The WIZARD of iT!!!”

This scientific artist is considered when using mystical lingo of modern English vocabulary as a WIZARD, or as in )o+>’s present reality as an intermediate student of majik, more appropriately an apprentice WIZARD.

)o+> has studied variety of these ancient occulted sciences and the theoretical aspects of majik basically all of this lifetime’s adult years.

Late in the common era year of 2016,  )o+> sought to better understand the science and theories lt tradtional  occult majikal systems. In other words, )o+> began actually practicing several of the occult  majikal systems.


majikal systematic methods with the actualy “hands on practice” of said majikal systems.


continues his personal studies of life’s “mystery religions”  offers a variety of counseling services and oracle protocols.